3D Reusable Soft Fake Eyelashes Hand-Made False Eyelashes

3D Reusable Soft Fake Eyelashes Hand-Made False Eyelashes

Reusable & Durable--Theses lightweight fake eyelashes can last all day and be reusable for 20 times or more with nice and proper care. No more worry about falling hair, just enjoy your moment.

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                           3D Reusable Soft Fake Eyelashes                                                                  Hand-Made False Eyelashes


· Easier to Apply and Remove-- With thick, flexible band, it is supper easy and quick to install and won't hurt your eyes. Use eyelash adhesive on the band, and then install the eyelashes to your own human lashes.


· The length of eyelashes wispies looks natural.You could trim and adjust by yourself if the band strip is long for your eyes.

· Superior Quality--These false eyelashes are made of premium synthetic fibre, each pair of lashes are 100% mindfully hand-made. They can go seamless and undetected to beautify your eyes. So soft and comfortable to wear just like your own eyelashes.


· 100% Satisfaction Guarantee- Please with adhesive(Not included), Customers' satisfaction is always our top priority on Ulash, if you have any problem with the item, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.

3D Natural Falses Eyelashes
Beautiful and Super Comfort Lightweight Fake Eyelash

From Ulash, the Choice of Million+ Happy Users
Industry-Leading Technology
100% pure handmade to ensure its natural feeling
99% Positive Feedback

False Eyelashes Comprehensive Performance

Very natural looking - perfect length, have a seamless shape, reuse 20-25 times if being used and removed properly


Natural False Eyelashes
They are so natural looking, many users get asked by friends all the time if they are real lashes and how did them grow so long.

Super Comfortable and Lightweight
Morning i walked on the street, the breeze blew over my cheek, I closed my eyes slowly. At that moment, I felt that the false eyelashes were floating on the clouds.

3D Lashes Effect
They also have a nice curve which transition well to your eyelid, creating that natural look.

Easy to Use- With thick, flexible band, you could trim and adjust by yourself if the band strip is long for your eyes.

How to Apply False Eyelashes
Carefully remove the false eyelashes from the case with tweezers.
Compare fake eyelash with your eye line length, trim to suitable length and width if necessary.
Add glue along the false eyelashes root with cotton bud.
Hold the false eyelashes on the root of your natural lashes with pressure.
If necessary, apply eye shadow or eyeliner to make your eye line look more natural.



100% HANDCRAFT - These lashes make a statement! Newcally Beauty makes sure that all our lashes strips are knotted by hand to achieve the highest quality for you.

100% handbragð - Þessi augnháranna lýsir yfir yfirlýsingu! Newcally Beauty sér til þess að allir augnháranna ræmur séu hnýttir með höndunum til að ná sem mestum gæðum fyrir þig.



What do models, actresses, professional makeup artists, cosmetics experts all share in common?

These adorable stars like putting on premium 3D mink lashes for the ultimate lash experience. Soft, lush, long and totally natural-looking, 3D Premium Siberian mink lashes make every women’s eyes stand out when she’s seeking eye fringe that turns heads.

3D mink lashes aren’t just for models and actresses. These quality-made beauties are affordable and easy to wear.

Ulash, is a professional false eyelashes manufacturer focusing on the highest quality lashes products.

Wat hebben modellen, actrices, professionele make-upartiesten, cosmetica-experts allemaal gemeen?

Deze schattige sterren houden ervan om premium 3D-nertswimpers aan te trekken voor de ultieme wimperervaring. Zachte, weelderige, lange en volledig natuurlijk ogende, 3D Premium Siberische nertsenwimpers zorgen ervoor dat de ogen van elke vrouw opvallen wanneer ze op zoek is naar een oogrand die hoofden draait.

3D nerts wimpers zijn niet alleen voor modellen en actrices. Deze kwaliteitsvolle schoonheden zijn betaalbaar en gemakkelijk te dragen.

Ulash, is een professionele fabrikant van valse wimpers die zich richt op producten van de hoogste kwaliteit.

Hvað eiga fyrirsætur, leikkonur, fagmenn förðunarfræðingar, snyrtivörufræðingar allir sameiginlegt?

Þessar yndislegu stjörnur eins og að setja á sig Premium 3D mink augnháranna fyrir fullkominn lash upplifun. Mjúk, lush, löng og algerlega náttúruleg útlit, 3D Premium Siberian mink augnháranna, gera augu allra kvenna áberandi þegar hún er að leita að augnbrún sem snýr höfuð.

3D mink augnháranna eru ekki bara fyrirmyndir og leikkonur. Þessi snyrtifræðilegu snyrtifræðingur er hagkvæm og auðvelt að vera í.

Ulash, er menntuð framleiðandi rangra augnhára sem einbeitir sér að hágæða vörum augnháranna.

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