Private Label 100% Mink Eyelashes With Your Own Brand

Private Label 100% Mink Eyelashes With Your Own Brand

Private label 100% mink eyelashes with your own brand: 100% mink lashes bring good mood and beauty. professional designer do Unique Private label /magnetic packaging /card box /plastic box according to your request details . Good Choice for you to Choose us. Save time , save cost , have business^_^

Product Details

100% premium Siberia mink hair , each lashes style has itself unique models . 100% Hand Made mink lashes make the lashes more symmetrical and magnetic , it will bring your beauty , fashion , confidence and nice mood in your life .

Send your logo to us , our team will help you custom Private label / magnetic packaging /box design .^_^


Choose the real Lashes Factory , your business will be getting better and better .


Name : private label mink eyelashes

Material Premium mink hair

Thickness : 0.1mm

Craft : 100% Hand Made

Advantage: 1.Premium mink hair bring you Beauty & Confidence is lightest ,Be comfortable to wear, no sense of heaviness

       3.Reused over 35 times / Pair

       4.You love it , You customer love it

       5. Magnetic

MOQ: 1 Pair

Payment Term : Money Gram , western union , paypal , bank transfer

Delivery Time : According to your order details

Package : Standard box , Custom packaging , Private label

Shipping Way : DHL , UPS , Fedex

Return Policy : it can be return within 5 days.Not Satisfy with products when received products and not use it .






How to Produce ?

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Apart from 3D mink lashes , we provide Human Hair lashes ,3D Silk Lashes ,3D Faux Mink Lashes,Clear Band 3D Lashes and etc.,


Custom all kind of Eyelashes Packaging ,Private Lable ,Sticker, Card . Help your customer remember you and expand your business fastly.


Our Team is your team , our factory is your factory .

We will help you save time and win more customer .


Contact us at here , the whole catalogue and videos will be send to you immediately.

i am sure we will help you add your lashes style ^_^

kui professionaalne tootja ja eksportija 100% süütu inimese juukseid, me oleme ära teeninud hea maine ja ehitas intiimsuhe jaemüüjad hulgimüüja samuti agent ümber maailma, nagu ameerika, lõuna - aafrika ja teiste lääne - euroopa riikides

väga hea kvaliteet ja täiuslik teenusega, on meie firma eesmärk, klientide rahulolu on meie unswerving jälitama.

meie siirast pühendumust.

1 - tagada toodete kvaliteedi vastavad klientide nõue.

2 - teeme oma parima, et nii kiiresti kui võimalik, kui klient kinnitab, et saadetis tooteid.

3 - kompensatsiooni, kui klient ei saa rahul tooteid.

като професионален производител и износител на 100% девствена човешка коса, заслужихме си добра репутация и построи интимна връзка с търговците на едро, както и агент по света, като американец, южна африка и други западни държави

отлично качество и перфектна служба са компанията ни е цел, клиенти, удоволствието е нашето unswerving преследване.

нашият искрен ангажимент:

1 - за гарантиране на качеството отговарят продуктите на клиентите изискване.

2 - най - добрият ни за продукти за доставка, възможно най - скоро след като клиент, потвърдете заповедта.

3 - предоставяне на обезщетение, ако клиента не може да се задоволява с продукти.

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