25mm Mink False Eyelashes Mink Fur Long Thick Hand-made Reusable Eyelashes Natural Look For Women’s Makeup 1 Pair Pack

25mm Mink False Eyelashes Mink Fur Long Thick Hand-made Reusable Eyelashes Natural Look For Women’s Makeup 1 Pair Pack

1.We come from the world's largest false eyelash production base. 2.We believe in the supremacy of quality, but the Internet false eyelash products have different quality , low price competition, shoddy, we also have a strong impact.We only hope that you choose eyelashes by your eyes and heart, appreciate our products: light, real, soft, gentle like the wind gently touch your skin.Hope to give a manufacturer that can offer outstanding product quality an opportunity, let more people enjoy the glamour that good eyelash brings to everybody. 3.High quality eyelash:Made of 100% mink fur, vivid and shiny and long lifespan. Very durable and perfect performance. Most fashionable 3D style mink fur false eyelash, full but natural looking, excellent length and width. Suitable for daily life, party and so on. Make your eyes charm and attractive.Reusable: With proper care they are reusable, you can turn to this lash over and over for a glamorous look 4.Can be trimmed: Eyelashes can be trimmed to fit the contour of your eyes. All these lashes can be cut to the suitable length and curve depending on you You buy ours this time, if our products are not satisfied with you, please give us a bad review, let us humble forward;If our products satisfy you, please let your friends around to enjoy the beauty of our false eyelashes.

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Product Details

Product description:

Lashes Material: 100% Siberian Mink Fur Hair.
Quantity:1 Pair per box
Color: Black
Length:25 MM

Every woman was keen for charming eyes.
which can bring natural look and make your eyes attractive.
which can bring fascination and bring confidence to women.
our factory focused on false eyelashes more than 20 years .

How Are Mink Eyelash Different?

Most people who get eyelash extensions get synthetic, i.e. plastic, fibers. Technology has made it possible to produce soft and whisper-thin synthetic fibers comparable to human eyelashes.But synthetic eyelash extensions are stiffer to the touch than god-given lashes, and someone with an educated eye can probably tell if you're sporting fakes.
To that end,our mink lashes made of 100% siberian mink hair,vivid glamorous and shiny,make your eyes look bright and attractive.
What Do Mink Eyelash Extensions Cost?
Mink lash extensions are some of the most expensive lash extension fibers available. If you invest in a starting-price set of lash extensions, your technician will almost certainly be using synthetic fibers. Natural-fiber extensions (which may also include fox fur, sable fur, human hair or silk) are much more costly than synthetics. However our easy-install mink eyelashes are not so expensive,they come from artificial breeding minks' natural falling hair,and directly shipped from factory to Amazon warehouse.
Suitable for professional application like wedding event &photo shoot & night out party or everyday Use.Huapan mink eyelashes will always be your best choice.

100% real mink Material:

Mikiwi 3D mink lashes is made of 100% real siberian mink hair shedding from young mink ,which is totally cruelty free 



Reuse up to 20-25 wears: Mikiwi lashes Can be used for many times if the eyelashes are used and removed properly ,Easy to remove by tools .


Amazing packaging:

The lashes is packed with a high quality papar box which is super fancy looking paper magnet box 


High Quality Siberian Mink Fur Hair 1.All handmade craft full strip lashes 2.Easy to install and remove ,Feel comfortable


How to apply eyelashes ?


Why choose Uhair lashes ?





Почему дисилк?

100% шерсть хорька

Два разных стиля

Уютный и мягкий.


Супер подарок.

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