Full Thick Fluffy Long Handmade 3D Mink Eyelashes

Full Thick Fluffy Long Handmade 3D Mink Eyelashes

1.TOP QUALITY: Our 3D False eyelashes are handmade by high-quality mink hair, full thick and long. Wearing them will make your eyes brighter and more attractive. High-grade mink eyelashes, 100% real siberian mink fur hair False Eyelashes natural look, soft and vivid. Most fashionable 3d eyelashes; Reusable and durable mink lashes: with proper care they can be reused long time,it will not deform even you take it out of the case;

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Product Details

                       Full Thick Fluffy Long Handmade 3D Mink Eyelashes

      Convenient and safety fake lashes: Easy to wear and remove, extremely soft and comfortable. Never make any damage to your eyes. Can be removed by eye makeup remover;

· Suitable for party or professional application like wedding event,night out, daily daytime use;

· Trim: eyelashes can be trimmed to fit the contour of your eyes. All these lashes can be cut to suitable length and curve depending on you.


Product description

1.Weight:35g (approx, with crystal retail box) ;
2.Material: 100% Mink Fur Hair;
3.Lashes Terrier: Plastic Black Terrier;
4.Package:2 pieces each pair


How to use eye lashes:
1.Carefully remove lashes from the case with tweezers.
2.Compare lashes with your eye line length, trim to suitable length and width if  necessary.
3.Add glue along lashes root with cotton bud.
4.Hold lashes on the root of your natural lashes with pressure. If necessary, apply eye shadow or eyeliner to make your eye line look more natural.

Tips on how to use:
1: Carefully remove the eyelashes from the case with tweezers.
2: Compare false eyelashes with your eyeline length, trim to suitable length and width if necessary.
3: Add glue along the false eyelash root with cotton bud.
4: Hold the eyelash on the root of your natural lashes with pressure.
5: Apply eye shadow or eyeliner to make your eyeline look more natural If necessary.


Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed Or You Get Your Money Back! Our 3D
 Hypoallergenic, Non-irritatingAnd Completely Safe And Always 100% Cruelty Free.



  • BLACK BAND: Keep the perfect curls all the time. With eyeliner effect, can enlarge your eyes automatically. Reusable up to 25 Wears

  • MANUFACTURER’S GUARANTE: To prove how confident we are in our product, we offer a lifetime money back guarantee with every purchase! If you are not completely satisfied with your lashes, we will refund your purchase with no exception! Click the Add to Cart Button Now!

How to use/application:
Step1: Remove the false eyelashes, and trim it to fit your eye length.
Step2: Use both hands to adjust the false eyelashes to fit your eye curve.
Step3: Carefully apply the glue to the main stem of the false eyelashes.
Step4: Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry until the glue is almost transparent. This is the ideal time to apply lashes to eyelids.
Step5: Close the eyes as appropriate and ensure a proper fit by blinking.
Step6: See the perfect and shining eyes.



Product advantages:
1.Soft and lightweight: 100% high quality Siberian mink fur, soft and lightweight. 100% handmade and cruelty-free.
2.Clear band is super soft. No burden and more comfortable to wear.
3.Dramatic look: suitable for some special occasions such as party or professional application like wedding, event, photo shoot, night out use.
4.Perfect 3D layered effect, making the lashes looks more natural than the normal lashes and can keep the fantastic curl all the time.
5.Reusable:Easy to apply and remove .Can be used for 20-25 times with good care and removed properly.

Care Instructions:
1. Store the eyelashes in case while you don't use them.
2. Gently handle the eyelashes when applying or removing them.
3. Take these lashes off before showing or washing your face.
4. Never wash your lashes directly, it'd be better to use the wet tissue to clean them.

Күтім жөніндегі нұсқаулық:

1. Кірпіктерді қолданбаған кезде сақтаңыз.

2. Кірпіктерді қолдану немесе шығару кезінде абайлап ұстаңыз.

3. Бұл кірпіктерді бетіңізді көрсетпес немесе жуар алдында шешіңіз.

4. Кірпіктеріңізді ешқашан жуып тастамаңыз, дымқыл тіндерді тазарту үшін қолданған дұрыс.



Өнімнің артықшылықтары:

1. Жеңіл және жеңіл: 100% жоғары сапалы сібір қылшықтары, жұмсақ және жеңіл. 100% қолмен және қатыгездіксіз.

2.Сабақ өте жұмсақ. Ешқандай ауыртпалық жоқ және киюге ыңғайлы.

3.Драмалық көрініс: үйлену, іс-шара, фотосессиялар, түнгі уақытта пайдалануға арналған мерекелік немесе кәсіби бағдарлама сияқты кейбір ерекше жағдайлар үшін жарамды.

4.Perfect 3D қабатты әсері, бұл кірпіктерді қалыпты кірпіктерден гөрі табиғи етеді және әрдайым керемет бұйра ұстауға мүмкіндік береді.

5. Қайта қолдануға болады: оңай жағылады және кетіріледі. 20-25 рет жақсылап абайлап қолданып, дұрыс алып тастаңыз.

Avantages du produit:

1. Douce et légère: fourrure de vison de Sibérie de haute qualité, douce et légère à 100%. 100% fait main et sans cruauté.

La bande 2.Clear est super douce. Pas de fardeau et plus confortable à porter.

Aspect 3.Dramatic: approprié à quelques occasions spéciales telles que la partie ou l'application professionnelle comme le mariage, l'événement, la séance photo, l'utilisation nocturne.

4.Parfait 3D effet en couches, rendant les cils semble plus naturel que les cils normaux et peut garder la boucle fantastique tout le temps.

5.Rutilisable: facile à appliquer et à enlever. Peut être utilisé 20 à 25 fois avec soin et enlevé correctement.

Comment utiliser / application:

Étape 1: Enlevez les faux cils et coupez-les en fonction de la longueur de vos yeux.

Étape 2: Utilisez les deux mains pour ajuster les faux cils en fonction de la courbe de vos yeux.

Étape 3: Appliquez soigneusement la colle sur la tige principale des faux cils.

Étape 4: Attendez quelques minutes que la colle sèche jusqu'à ce que la colle soit presque transparente. C'est le moment idéal pour appliquer les cils sur les paupières.

Étape 5: Fermez les yeux le cas échéant et assurez-vous qu'ils sont bien ajustés en clignant des yeux.

Step6: Voir les yeux parfaits et brillants.

Como usar / aplicar:

Paso 1: elimine as pestanas falsas e recorte para axustarse á lonxitude dos ollos.

Paso 2: usa ambas as mans para axustar as pestanas falsas para que se axusten á súa curva ocular.

Paso 3: aplique coidadosamente a cola sobre o tallo principal das falsas pestanas.

Paso 4: agarde uns minutos para que a cola se seque ata que a cola sexa case transparente. Este é o momento ideal para aplicar pestanas ás pálpebras.

Paso 5: pecha os ollos segundo corresponda e asegura un axuste adecuado parpadeando.

Paso 6: Vexa os ollos perfectos e brillantes.

Wie benutzt man / Anwendung:

Schritt 1: Entfernen Sie die falschen Wimpern und schneiden Sie sie auf Ihre Augenlänge zu.

Schritt 2: Passen Sie die falschen Wimpern mit beiden Händen an Ihre Augenkurve an.

Schritt 3: Tragen Sie den Kleber vorsichtig auf den Hauptstiel der falschen Wimpern auf.

Schritt 4: Warten Sie einige Minuten, bis der Kleber fast durchsichtig ist. Dies ist der ideale Zeitpunkt, um Wimpern auf die Augenlider aufzutragen.

Schritt 5: Schließen Sie die Augen und stellen Sie durch Blinken einen korrekten Sitz sicher.

Schritt 6: Sehen Sie die perfekten und leuchtenden Augen.

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