Deep Wave 3 Bundles Unprocessed Brazilian Deep Curl Virgin Human Hair Bundles

Deep Wave 3 Bundles Unprocessed Brazilian Deep Curl Virgin Human Hair Bundles

Hair Material: 100% Human Hair Wave Grade 8A Brazilian Hair Bundles Deep Curly Wave Hair Hair Color: Natural Color. Can be Bleached, Dyed and Styled as Your Own Hair.

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                            Deep Wave 3 Bundles Unprocessed Brazilian 

                         Deep Curl Virgin Human Hair Bundles

Hair Quality: Double strong weft, very soft and nice, shedding free, no tangling,

Hair Weight&Length: 95-105g/bundle,

3 bundles/order,multiple choices,10inch-40inch;For the length,stretching the hair to be STRAIGHT and then measure.

deep wave full lace wig

Uhair: We have own professional factory of More Than 20 Years with Strict Quality Control and
Skilled Workers. Best Service and Highest Quality Products to make you a happy shopping experience!

body wave hair bundle

Hair Length: 10-40 inch
Hair Weight: 95-100g/bundle
Hair Color: natural black color
Hair Texture: brazilian body wave hair
Hair Material: 100% unprocessed remy human hair
Hair Grade: 9a grade brazilian virgin deep wave hair weave
Chemical Process: none chemical processing, no chemical smell
Hair Weft: strong double machine weft, exquisite top weft, tight and neat
Hair Quality: can be dyed,bleached,curled,no tangles,minimum shedding,very soft

Дужина косе: 10-40 инча

Тежина косе: 95-100г / сноп

Боја косе: природна црна боја

Текстура косе: бразилска коса таласа

Материјал за косу: 100% необрађена Реми људска коса

Коса косе: бразилски дјевичански дубоко таласни ткање

Хемијски поступак: нема хемијске обраде, нема хемијског мириса

Потка за косу: јака двострука машинска потка, изврсна горња потка, уска и уредна

Квалитета косе: може се фарбати, избелити, увити, без запетљања, минимално пролијевање, врло мека


Lace Size: 4*4,5*5,6*6,7*7 inch
Hair Parting: Middle part
Made Method: hand tied
Lace Length: 10-20 inch
Lace Weight: 30g-50g/piece
Lace Density: 150% full density
Lace Color: medium brown, transparent lace ,little brown just like skin
Lace Material: strong and invisible swiss laceB8CBC75E1ACE6C63C38071D04C0CF7824A83688B7F34D80CAA441F27450F4ECB

Q1: Can the hair b dyed/restyled?
A: It is the 100% virgin human hair, you can dye,restyle and bleach the hair.
But in most cases, we do not suggest our customers to process the hair by themselves.

Q2: How to avoid hair tangling or shedding?
A: Please wash your hair with high quality shampoo and conditioner,
Please comb deep wave hair gently with wide-tooth comb daily,
Please Always consult your stylist before attempting any styling techniques you are unsure.

Q3. How Many Bundles Do I need?
A: Usually 3 bundles are enough to make a full head. If you like Thicker or
need Longer hair, it's best to wear one more bundle. If the hair over 20",4pcs are suggested to be used.

deep curl wig (2)black and 613color full lace wig

1.Hair Style: Kinky Curly Human Hair
2.Grade: 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Hair
3.Hair color: natural black between #1 and 1b, close to #1.
4.Size:8 -40inch
5.Texture: 100% Brazilian Human Hair, Remy Hair
6.Weight: 100g/Bundle, 300g/Set
7.Hair Weft: Double Machine Weft
8.Hair Quality: Remy Hair, Soft Hair, Glossy, No smell, No tangle
9.Can Be Dyed Color: All Colors; Can Be Perm: All Hair
10.In General, 3-4 Hair Can Be Full of Head
How to take care of the hair
1.Detangle hair gently before washing. Do not rub or twist hair when you wash the hair
2.Wash the hair gently in warm water with hair conditioner
3.Blot out excess water with towel and allow hair to dry naturally.
4.Use wide-tooth comb or finger detangle the hair
Kind note:
1 It is normal phenomenon that there is few strand shedding when you comb it with fingers at the first time
2.The smell is no harm to your health, it will be fine after washing
3.If you cut the weft, please make sure seal the each end with hair glue to prevent shedding
4. Attention:The curl will be a little loose after you dye or bleach the hair. It is normal.
15 Days no satisfied return policy. After you receive the hair and you want change the size, style or color, we can change it for you. And the hair should be new and no damage.

Długość włosów: 10-40 cali

Waga włosów: 95-100 g / pakiet

Kolor włosów: naturalny czarny kolor

Tekstura włosów: brazylijskie włosy falowane na ciele

Materiał do włosów: 100% nieprzetworzonych remy ludzkich włosów

Klasa włosów: splot brazylijski dziewiczy głęboka fala klasy 9a

Proces chemiczny: bez przetwarzania chemicznego, bez chemicznego zapachu

Wątek włosów: mocny podwójny wątek maszynowy, znakomity górny wątek, ciasny i schludny

Jakość włosów: może być farbowana, bielona, zwijana, bez splątania, minimalna ilość wypadania, bardzo miękka

केसांची लांबी: 10-40 इंच

केसांचे वजन: 95-100 ग्रॅम / बंडल

केसांचा रंग: नैसर्गिक काळा रंग

केसांचा पोत: ब्राझिलियन बॉडी वेव्ह केस

केसांची सामग्री: 100% अप्रमाणित रेमी मानवी केस

केसांचा श्रेणी: 9 ए ग्रेड ब्राझीलियन व्हर्जिन खोल वेव्ह केस विणणे

रासायनिक प्रक्रिया: कोणतीही रासायनिक प्रक्रिया नाही, रासायनिक गंधही नाही

केसांचा वेफ्ट: मजबूत डबल मशीन वेफ्ट, उत्कृष्ट टॉप वेफ्ट, घट्ट आणि व्यवस्थित

केसांची गुणवत्ताः रंगविले जाऊ शकते, ब्लीच केले जाऊ शकते, कर्लिंग असू शकते, टँगल्स नाही, किमान शेडिंग, खूप मऊ

Longueur de cheveux: 10-40 pouces

Poids des cheveux: 95-100g / paquet

Couleur des cheveux: couleur noire naturelle

Texture de cheveux: cheveux brésiliens

Matériau des cheveux: cheveux remy non transformés à 100%

Grade de cheveux: armure de cheveux de vague profonde vierge brésilienne de catégorie 9a

Procédé chimique: aucun traitement chimique, aucune odeur chimique

Trame de cheveux: forte trame double machine, excellente trame supérieure, serrée et soignée

Qualité des cheveux: peut être teintée, blanchie, frisée, sans enchevêtrement, perte minimale de poil, très douce

Дължина на косата: 10-40 инча

Тегло на косата: 95-100гр / сноп

Цвят на косата: естествен черен цвят

Текстура на косата: бразилска коса с вълна на тялото

Материал за коса: 100% непреработена реми човешка коса

Степен на коса: 9-степенна бразилска девствена вълна тъкане на коса

Химически процес: без химическа обработка, без химическа миризма

Премахване на косата: силен двоен машинен вътък, изящен горен вътък, стегнат и спретнат

Качество на косата: може да бъде боядисана, избелена, накъдрена, без заплитания, минимално разпръскване, много мека

Шаштың ұзындығы: 10-40 дюйм

Шаштың салмағы: 95-100г / орам

Шаш түсі: табиғи қара түс

Шаш құрылымы: бразилиялық денеге арналған шаш толқыны

Шаш материалы: 100% өңделмеген адам шашы

Шаштары: 9а сыныбындағы бразилиялық пәк қыздардың терең толқынды шаштары

Химиялық процесс: химиялық өңдеу, химиялық иіс жоқ

Шаш тоқу: күшті қосарланған тоқу, өте жақсы, жақсы және жақсы тоқу

Шаш сапасы: боялған, ағартылған, бұйраланған, тегіс емес, ең аз шашылған, өте жұмсақ

የፀጉር ርዝመት 10-40 ኢንች

የፀጉር ክብደት 95-100 ግ / ጥቅል

የፀጉር ቀለም ተፈጥሯዊ ጥቁር ቀለም

ፀጉር ሸካራነት: ብራዚላዊ የሰውነት ሞገድ ፀጉር

የፀጉር ቁሳቁስ 100% ያልታሰበ Rem የሰው ፀጉር

የፀጉር ክፍል 9a ደረጃ ብራዚላዊ ድንግል ጥልቅ ማዕበል የፀጉር ሽመና

ኬሚካዊ ሂደት-ምንም ኬሚካዊ ሂደት ፣ ኬሚካል ማሽተት የለም

ፀጉር ሽርሽር-ጠንካራ ባለ ሁለት ማሽን ማሽን ፣ ከፍተኛ ጥራት ያለው ድር ፣ ጠንካራ እና ሥርዓታማ

የፀጉር ጥራት: ቀለም መቀባት ፣ መቀባት ፣ መከርከም ፣ መጎተት አይቻልም ፣ በትንሹ ማፍሰስ ፣ በጣም ለስላሳ

1. የሀይር ዘይቤ-ኩኪኒ የሰው ልጅ ፀጉር

2.Grade: 100% ያልታሰበ የብራዚል ፀጉር

3. ሄርር ቀለም ከ # 1 እስከ 1 ቢ ባለው የተፈጥሮ ጥቁር መካከል ፡፡

4.Size: 8 -40inch

5. ምርጫ: 100% ብራዚላዊ የሰው ፀጉር ፣ ሬሚ ፀጉር

6.Weight: 100 ግ / ጥቅል ፣ 300 ግ / ስብስብ

7.ሃር Weft: Double Machine Weft

8.Hair ጥራት: Remy ፀጉር ፣ ለስላሳ ፀጉር ፣ አንጸባራቂ ፣ ምንም ማሽተት ፣ ጅራት የለውም

1. haarstijl: kinky krullend menselijk haar

2.Grade: 100% onbewerkt Braziliaans haar

3. Haarkleur: natuurlijk zwart tussen # 1 en 1b, dicht bij # 1.

4.Size: 8-40 inch

5.Textuur: 100% Braziliaans menselijk haar, remy haar

6.Gewicht: 100 g / bundel, 300 g / set

7. haar inslag: dubbele machine inslag

8. haarkwaliteit: remy haar, zacht haar, glanzend, geen geur, geen wirwar

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