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Kinky Straight Hair Big Sale Valentine's Day

Want to switch up her style and add a little love to your look? Try incorporating a heart into your hairstyle... just in time for Valentine's Day.

Kinky Straight Hair Weave 2019 Valentine's Day

Kinky Yaki Straight Hair

The reason many people like this type of hair is that it is easy to blend, has free-flowing movement and mimics your natural hair very well. Yaki straight hair produces a thick and full texture to hair. It can be styled or worn blown out or flat ironed. It will hold curls from a wand or curling iron and matches perfectly with relaxed hair and a silk press.

Kinky straight hair creates a natural glow and is a soft touch. The look of the hair is wonderful and stylish, but if you can't hold it properly, the result will be a dry and worn hair.

Hair usually lasts 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the type of hair and your ability to take care of it. When you need to remove the current weave, make sure you thoroughly condition your natural hair to make it optimal to support the new weave.

Kinky Curly Virgin Hair 2019 Valentine's Day

 Afro Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky Curly Virgin Hair also know as afro curly hair.is perhaps the curly hair type that requires the most specific hair care and grooming.Kinky hair is the most delicate of curl types because the hair strands grow with a very irregular surface, meaning that a kinky-haired strand will have the least tensile strength and will be prone to breakage. Uhair makes the best kinky curly hair extensions for black women. This hair extension made of 100% human Virgin hair.This texture has tight curls in corkscrews and has more defined curly pattern than the Kinky curly texture, can blend best.

Bralizian Kinky Curly Hair is a good choice for our customers, they can't get enough Brazilian curly texture, but want to improve definition and volume. Kinky afro Curly is similar to Curly texture in terms of softness, maintainability and styling, but with extra coils and volume.

Kinky Curly hairstyles is very soft and natural, a perfect choice for those who pursue a natural look or just want to enhance the beautiful curly hair they already have or a completely different look.

Which is your favorite? Who will be your next new hair to transform? Hurry up!!! 

We promise that all of our hair is 100% virgin hair.You can wash, dye, dry, or even perm your hair, just like your own hair. As long as you maintain your hair properly, it will maintain its beauty and vitality.

In Uhair, your happiness and satisfaction with hair has always been our top priority. We are proud of our customer service and are with you at every step before, before delivery and after sale. Once you get your hair, you won't buy it anywhere else.

Have a good time on Valentine's Day!!!

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