How To Care For Brazilian Hair In Different Textures

- Jun 05, 2019-

Brazilian human hair is always highly popular in the market,it has special characters.Brazilian hair is light,silky and lustrous in textures.

So brazilian hair will give you a natural look,it will make women looking more gorgeous and wonderful

  •  How to take care of the brazilian hair you buy

  1. If you like ,wash the bundles in clean water.

  2. Ventilate it in a cool palce

  3. Comb it with your fingers or wide-tooth-comb(highly recommended)

  4. Find your hairdresser to help you to install them if you don't have enough confidence

How_to_comb_brazilian_natural_wave_hair (1)

  • How to wash and clean brazilian hair in our daily life


TIPS:Please care it like your own hair,we only sell human virginhair

  • How to use brazilian hair in our Daily life

  1. All of our hair is human virginhair,it can be dyed and bleached

  2. It touch smoothly,in order to keep this status,you can use some hair conditioner when washing it

  3. 100% human hair can be restyled anyhow as you want. The heat doesn’t exceed 150℃,higher heat will harm the hair

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