Choice of false eyelashes

- Aug 23, 2017-

In addition to looking at the style, but also look at the false eyelashes of the stem. The stem of false eyelashes is divided into fish line terrier, cotton stalk, plastic stalk three kinds.

1. Cotton Stalk

Very soft, will not tie to the eyelid, also not easy to tilt up, but after tearing off the stem is easy to bend deformation, can not re-use.

2. Fish thread Stalk

Good makeup effect, transparent stealth, easy to cut open, in private can also maintain the original radian, but it is relatively easy to fall off and tilt up.

3. Plastic Terrier

Relatively hard, but not too comfortable, for single eyelids and double eyelid is a good choice. Because it is hard, can hold up the eyelid, the shape effect is better.

For everyday makeup, the natural false eyelashes, which are normally selected for soft and fine stems, are invisible and comfortable to wear. Hope that everyone can choose to suit their makeup of false eyelashes, draw a beautiful eye makeup bar.

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