How to Care for Permed Hair

- Jun 25, 2018-

Letting Your Hair Settle: 

1. Touch your hair sparingly. It can be tempting play with your new curls or waves. But it can take the perming chemicals anywhere from 24-48 hours to lock the shape in your hair permanently. In addition, your hair will still be fragile from the process. Leaving your hair be for a couple of days can help ensure that your hair maintains its shape for the longer term.

  • Use your fingers to style your hair only as necessary during this time. You should also avoid brushing or combing your hair.

2. Avoid washing your hair. For this first 24-72 hours after you get a perm, don’t wash or condition your hair. This keeps the water or other chemicals from deactivating your perm and making your curls fall apart. It can also help keep your perm fresher for a longer time.

  • Make sure to keep your hair as dry as possible, especially if it is raining or snowing outside.

  • Ask your stylist how long you should wait until washing your hair. The length of time may depend on your hair and the type of perm you got. If you absolutely can’t wait to wash your hair, call your stylist to find out the best way to handle the situation. She may suggest using dry shampoo or another product until you can get your hair wet.

3. Keep it loose. You may want to make the most of your new perm with different styles that require pins, barrettes, or winding your hair. You may even want to get your hair out of your face to play sports or study. But because your hair is still settling from the perm, it’s important to let your locks flow loosely for a few days after your perm. Putting your hair in a ponytail, braid, or other style that requires accessories can reshape parts of your hair with dents and may even break off fragile hair.

  • You should never run your fingers through your hair with a perm because it can break up the curls and make it looser.

  • Use a silk scarf to gently pull back your hair if absolutely necessary. Make sure to tie it as loosely as possible to keep your hair back without leaving a mark.

Stay away from color treatments. Keep in mind that permed hair is often stressed and needs a lot of love. This is especially true during the first week after a perm. Avoid getting any type of color treatments on your hair for at least a week after your perm. This can avoid causing your hair further stress or damage and may even prevent your hair from breaking off.

  • Talk to your stylist about scheduling your color treatment within a safe time frame from your perm. It is best to get both your color and perm done by a professional.

  • Consider using a hair tint, colored powder, or color shampoo instead of color treatments because they are unlikely to harm your hair, unlike dye. Only use these products 24-48 hours after you got your perm.

  • Even if you do wait at least a week to color your hair, you may still experience breakage.The type of dye and the level of developer (if one is used) can make a difference in how it affects your hair. Ask your hair stylist what they recommend.

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