How many bundles do you need with a closure or a frontal?

- Jun 17, 2019-

“How many bundles we need sew in with a closure or a frontal?” This is a common question for people care for their hair. We both believe beautiful hair is very important for a women, because we are always trusting the beautiful appearance is the way to show our respect to other people.

Hair, as the best decoration of beauty, is coming into people’s notice. So how to have a natural and fully human hair sew in? How many bundles we need to use with a closure or a frontal?

This article will show this answer to you.  


What Is A Human Hair Closure?

A human hair closure, is a part of lace frontal closure. Standard size of the a lace closure is 4x4 inch, but according to people’s endless demands, 5x5 inch human hair lace closure is also appeared on the market.

Usually, the human hair closure is put in the middle top of the head, it is also called as temple to temple lace closure, it is used to close off an installation.

There are three kinds of 4x4 closure, free part, middle part and three part. 

human hair closure

What Is A Lace Frontal Closure?

A lace frontal closure is also used to close off an installation. But different from a lace closure, lace frontal has the bigger standard size of 13x4 inch, and Dsoarhair would also like to customize the different lace frontal size for you.

The cover area of a lace frontal closure is from ear to ear, so it is also called as lace frontal closure ear to ear or ear to ear lace frontal.

lace frontal closure

How Many Bundles Do You Need With A Closure Or A Frontal?

If you ask your hairdresser how many bundles do you need with a closure or a frontal, they may answer it is absolutely depends on your personal desired looking of your hair, because the quantity of the bundles you should pick involve several factors.

1, Hair length you want:

Normally, the longer hair you want, the more bundles you need. Because the weight of every bundle is 95-100g, if the human hair bundle is long, then the hair will become a little thinner at the hair end, but this will not influence the hair quality, so you have to have one more bundle to make the hair looking fully.

Then here is an extra common question:

How to measure our hair length?

For the straight hair, we can measure it directly.

But for the curly hair, we should stretch the hair, then measure the length.

2, Hair texture you want:

If you only want to have a straight short bob hairstyle, then 2-3 bundles is enough for you.

But the long curly and long straight hairstyles are different. You can take 3 bundles with closure for a curly hair, but you may need one more bundle with closure for a straight hair to make it looking fuller.

3, Your head size:

Definately, if your head is bigger, then you will need one more bundles. 

4, Human hair closure or lace frontal closure you use:

As above mentioned, the size of the lace closure and the lace frontal is different. Lace frontal is a half wig, hair bundles with frontal will need less bundles than that with lace closure.

But when deciding lace frontal and lace closure, you should also consider the different advantages of them, they both will make your hair looks natural, and can perfectly close off your installation.

5, Normal bundles quantity used:

Usually, if you want to have the human hair bundles in a shorter size( 8inch to 18 inch), then you can pick 3 bundles with a closure or a frontal, depends on the density you desired. But if you want more longer size(20 inch to 30 inch), then 4 bundles will be better to look full.

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