How to clean your wigs?

- Apr 03, 2018-

Method Steps of Wig Cleaning

1. Before cleaning the wig, comb the wig with the comb of the special wig;

2. Place the wig in a basin with clear water and soak for about 5-10 minutes;

3. Put the prepared shampoo into the water, when the shampoo and water mixed with the foaming, the wig soaked about 2-3 minutes;

4. The wig with fingers gently smooth, smooth after smoothing with hair conditioner to rub on the hairs, with the hand gently touch evenly, by the way small grasp hair;

5. Clean the wig with water, gently wipe with dry cloth, and then put the wig in the air vent at the natural dry;

6. When the wig dries to 90%, gently stroke the hair with the hand, then comb the wig with a special wig.

This is the most basic cleaning step, which should be noted as follows:

1, can not wash in the washing machine, washing machine strong rotation will lead to serious hair loss, or even disperse;

2, not too hard to rub and comb hair, will cause hair shedding;

3, the wig soak in the water time should not be too long, the time too long hair is easy to fall off;

4, can only be placed in the vent natural dry, can not be dried in the sun.

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