How to wear a wig properly

- Aug 23, 2017-

STEP1, remove the double head opening type of the net cap, with both hands open.

STEP2, cover the cap from top to neck.

STEP3, pull the cap up to the top of the head, and the Black Belt edge is aligned to the hairline.

STEP4, put the net cap long hair, let all the hair into the net cap.

STEP5, knead the hair in the cap and press it as much as possible, then clamp the tail with the clip.

STEP6, the sides are fixed with small clips respectively.

STEP7, will prepare the wig according to the head circumference size adjustment inside the adjustment buckle.

STEP8, wear the wig from the back to the front, first with the oak to cover the head hair.

STEP9, after the sleeve with a slight adjustment of the hands, the ear in the net cap in the prominent two pieces of cloth.

STEP10, worn, finished, combed the wig with a comb.

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