Process of making wigs

- Aug 23, 2017-

I. Open material

Hair material length of hair is very long, the disc together, there are a variety of colors, is not directly used to make wigs, according to production requirements to cut to the length of the need and choose a good color. This process is called open material.

II. To send

Just cut a good hair is more messy, need to comb well. At the same time, some mixed-color wigs need to be evenly blended in this process. The tool is a large steel tooth comb, comb the more times the more smooth hair.

Third, pound hair

Each wig has a weight requirement, too thick, too thin. Staff need to according to the requirements of the drawing points, the weight of the number of direct impact of the following production process, so this process is very important.

IV. Platoon hair

A good point of hair through the three rows of hair in a row hair, hair can be neatly fixed attached to a line, the formation of a wig, the process to ensure that the density of hair discharge, can not appear in the case of leakage, the process has played a vital role.

V. Curls

According to the hairstyle needs, with different size of the reel to make a different curvature of the wig, every a times the number of hair curls can not be too much, so that the effect of curls is good, hair durability is high.

Six, the vehicle hair net

According to the hairstyle net cap's measurements size car good intranet, including the Mark Head, s buckle, inserts the rubber tendon at the brim place, the rubber tendon must match with the ear and the tail.

VII. Scalp

Plus the scalp is to cater to the natural needs of customers, first design a good scalp size, and then with wrench clip the hair, through the scalp machine, a root of the seam on the scalp.

Eight, high car

Will be lined up the wig, according to the number of rows in the network specifications, a piece of car in the wig sleeve, can not car wrong hair direction.

IX. Manual inspection

Tear off the plastic film on the back of the wig, cut off the excess thread and miscellaneous wire inside the intranet, and clean it thoroughly.

X. Hairstyle

Take care of the whole wig, including combing the hair, trimming the bangs, weaving braids to make shapes, nets and so on.

For the production of wigs, each process is a critical step, only to spare the production details, to produce a guaranteed quality, more exquisite models of the wig.

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