Sewing at Strategic Points for Wig

- Oct 26, 2018-


Part the wig hair just behind your ears going up and over your head. A good place to sew the first seam across your wig is right behind your ears and extending up and over the top of the back part of your head. Use a comb or your fingers to part the wig hair running from one ear to the other and going up and over the top of the back part of your head.

   If you are using a frontal wig, then the lace will usually end just behind your ears.This should make it easy to part your wig.


Sew into your braided natural hair from ear to ear. Insert your weave needle through the wig and into the braid underneath it. Be careful not to sew down too far or you may stick your scalp with the needle. Continue sewing in a straight line from one ear to the other.

Make the stitches about ½” (1.3 cm) apart.

If you are using a frontal wig, then sew along or near the back edge of the frontal. This should be just behind your ears since frontals are only about 4” (10 cm) wide from front to back.

3Sew into the hair in front of your ears. The next place to sew the wig is the area in front of your ears near your temples. Most natural hairlines come to a point in this area. Sew along the edges of the wig in this area to secure this part of the wig in place.


Part the wig hair where you wouldn’t normally part it and sew. The last places you will need to sew are areas where you do not normally part the wig hair. This will ensure that the seam will be hidden while still securing your wig across the top of your head. Locate a couple of areas where you never part your wigs and part the wig hair using a comb or your fingers. Then, sew across the parts.
  • For example, if you always part your wig hair down the center, then you can part the wig hair to the side and sew along this area going from the front to the back of the wig. Then, part the wig on the opposite side and sew across the wig in the same way.

  • Be careful not to sew too far back. Stop before you reach the crown, or else the stitches might show


Cut and tie the thread when you finish sewing. After you finish sewing your wig in place, cut the thread away from the needle and then tie it into a knot. Cut the excess thread off from the knot as well.

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