Technical Term for Hair--Uhair Can Give You More Info

- Nov 13, 2017-

We Uhair think that wherever you buy a hair production, it’s important you understand what you’re paying for.  It’s your money and your luscious locks after all.  Today we give you this technical information and we hope it will help you to choose just the right hair extensions for you, and if you still have any questions after reading this, just get in touch with Uhair.

Our virgin hair extensions are made of Single Drawn Hair. This is sometimes also as known as ‘Remy Hair’, ‘Virgin Hair’, ‘Cuticle Hair’, or ‘Remy Single Drawn’. 

What is Single Drawn Hair? 

Single Drawn Hair is a bundle of hair that appears like a ponytail since some of the short lengths of re-growth hair are kept in the bundle. Some people seems have a misunderstanding about the single drawn hair and think the shorter lengths are split-ends. In fact, re-growth hair plays a large part in the health and vitality of a bundle of hair, it is strong new hair.

 It has a number of advantages.  It is high quality and cost effective to you and the supplier alike. Also, the shorter lengths make the bundles appear tapered.  Single Drawn Hair is commonly used in high quality hairpieces, wigs and also our wonderful range of virgin hair extensions. 

virgin hair extension of  Uhair.jpg

What is Double Drawn Hair?

Double Drawn Hair is a bundle of all one length hair. The term ‘Double Drawn’ refers to a mechanical process that draws out all the shorter lengths from a bundle, then draws again to realign the top of the bundle. There are no shorter lengths in the bundle, which creates a very smooth and polished look. This high quality hair of one length creates a seamless, silky curtain of hair which is perfectly aligned, providing the illusion of naturally thick, beautiful hair. 

Double Drawn Hair is commonly used for high priced hairpieces, custom-made wigs, our  hair extensions and toupee( particularly useful to hair-loss sufferers). Rare Single Drawn hair is new to the market virgin hair, from remote areas of the world where healthy young women are earning money by undertaking the most natural diets to grow beautiful long hair for the local hair collectors. So the choice of length and colors may be less available than some of other hair types in Uhair.  

 virgin hair extension of  Uhair 1.jpg

We hope this technical information above can be helpful to you. There are more types to choose here and wish you enjoy your shopping!



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