The method of sticking false eyelashes

- Aug 23, 2017-

The first step: use a flat-nosed tweezers to hold the middle of the false eyelashes near the root. Visually, the outer side of the false eyelashes is aimed at the outer corner of the eye. Then aim at the middle of the point, a sticky on the up. affixed to the top of the eyelid, true eyelashes above (do not stick on the real eyelashes, because this is not a good). The closer you get from your eyelashes, the more realistic you are.

Then the outer root of the false eyelashes is clamped, and the eye ends are glued.

Canthus and eye end is same, also clip the root of false eyelash, send to inside Canthus.

This time the whole false eyelashes are basically affixed, but not the most secure. There may still be a gap in the middle. You can use a finger to gently push the entire false eyelashes, so that the base and eyelids completely fit. So the false eyelashes are pasted up.

Remember to pinch the false eyelashes at both ends of the light push, the base of the false eyelashes appropriate bending, increase the base of the radian, so better stick a sleep type.

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