What is 360° Lace frontal closure

- Nov 03, 2017-

360° Lace frontal closures are new to many people. But as it can be used very well more and more customers ask us about this hair product.At first let us get to know what is 360° Lace Frontal.

A lace frontal is a hairpiece that mimics a person's hairline from ear to ear and continues back two to three inches on a wig or full sew-in weave to create a completely flawless look.
A 360 Lace Frontal is slightly different , it doesn't just go from ear to ear , but all the way round mimicking a persons hairline front to back . A lace closure and a lace frontal are not the same thing, but people often confuse the two.
Lace closures are not frontals but frontals can be considered closures. The main difference between the two is that a closure only covers the middle portion of the top of the head.

Now 360° Lace frontal closures are becoming very popular. We think some of the reasons are :
In general when a weave is installed if hair is left our on the top of the head it will not blend well with the texture of the weave bundles creating an unnatural and less than flattering appearance. Using a 360 lace frontal closure that matches the hair texture and curl pattern of the weave bundles creates a completely uniform and flawless look. The added benefit of a 360 lace frontal is that you can part it anywhere allowing you to create many more
styles. You can also feel free to wear your hair in a ponytail or high bun and still look picture perfect…..

Constant braiding(when the braids are too tight or the hair/extensions are too heavy) and  manipulation of hair at the hairline can cause bald spots, a receding hairline, or thinned out edges. A nice lace frontal closure can cover this up and allow the area to heal and hair to grow back.

Qingdao Uhair has 360 lace frontal with very high quality.




And our superiority of 360 lace frontal:


Our human hair is virgin hair, that means it is cut from one donor without dye or bleach. One bundle almost from one donor. All cuticles are hold well and kept the same direction. So it can be dyed, permed and bleached.


Since it’s  human hair, all the cuticles are intact and aligned, it prevent the hair from tangling, so the hair can be used for a long time.



Strong and tighten double weft to give you a real peaceful mind of shedding free.


Some companies mark their hair 100g but only give you 95g or even 90g. We Qingdao Uhair guarantee our 360° Lace frontal’s weight is enough or more.

Each Customer is our VIP customer ,we keep our customer in our heart .

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