- Aug 23, 2017-

1. The source of the wig

As we all know, wig is a man-made imitation hair, using human hair, chemical fiber materials made. These hair materials have high temperature, color and height characteristics, very close to real hair, very suitable for wigs.

2. The purpose of the wig

In most people's minds, wigs seem to be a staple of the bald, hair-problem middle-aged and old. But in today's rapid development of the big era, the concept of fashion has long been popular, and now the wig is more people as a fashion jewelry to look at. Go out on a date with a wig and go to a party, not to mention how fashion! Change your hairstyle as you wish, and also avoid the ravages of blowing and ironing your hair experience, which is convenient and healthy. So many fashion people and stars have begun to wear wigs to change their image, wigs become their pursuit of fashion darlings.

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