Company History

- Oct 12, 2018-



Uhair is a family business founded in 2000 and is a leading provider of hair product solutions in China. The company is the founder of Qingdao Human hair Association.

王老先生,老板的父亲,从收购假发原材料开始,2000年成立了一家假发工厂,并向广州义乌、青岛等地的外贸公司供货。Mr. Wang大学毕业后,的父亲希望他能帮助家里打理工厂但他有自己的理想想去接触外面的世界因此他加入了阿里巴巴,并做到了高层。由于父亲年级大了,Mr. Wang也看到发制品行业的发展前景,8年后他离开阿里,接管家族企业并带来了先进经营、管理理念。

Old Mr. Wang, My boss' father, purchase wig materials at the beginning, and set up a human hair factory in 2000 and supplied hair product to some international trade companies in Guangzhou, Qingdao and other places in China. After Mr. Wang graduated from University, his father hope he could do the job in their factory. But Mr. Wang had his own ideals and wanted to get in touch with the outside world. So he joined Alibaba group and became the high-level manager after few years. Due to his father's old age and also Mr. Wang saw the development prospects of the hair products industry.  Eight years later, he left Alibaba and take over his family business and bring advanced management and management concepts.





价值观客户第一 团队合作 拥抱变化 诚信 激情 敬业

In 2014, Uhair set up the international trade Dept. and integrated family factories, established the factory, e-commerce, international marketing team to go hand in hand with the business model. At the same time, it has set up two vision, a mission and five values:

Vision 1: within 10 years, we will become a leading professional supplier of hair products, occupying an important position in the global hair products industry.

Vision 2: running a respecting employee and be respected company with high employee happiness.

Mission: adhering to market and customer demand orientation, the company dedicates quality products and services, delivering fashion, beauty, happiness and confidence to every corner of the world, creating value for customers and growing together with customers.

Values: customer first, team cooperation, embraces change, integrity, passion and dedication

我们要始终保持清晰的认识:消费者的需求是随时变化的,我们唯有跟上市场变化,生产出消费者喜欢的产品,帮助顾客发展给客户带来价值,我们的企业才能生存,我们的工作才会有价值和意义,我们就会受到尊重并有收获。我们的研发部门 设计部门 质检部门 生产部门、销售部门都不要怕变化带来的麻烦,要团结合作积极创新,为客户提供优质产品和服务和客户共成长。

We must know that clearly: The demand of Customers is changing all the time, what we should to doversea come to our factory to order directly, we helped all our customers make profit & develop themselves, we not only got many customers, but also many friends.

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