​Global High End Wig Jiaozhou Made In Jiaozhou

- Mar 27, 2018-

Global high-end wig Jiaozhou made in Jiaozhou

    "Because everyone's head type is different, to make the wig more realistic and comfortable, 'private customization' is definitely the future development trend." Wang Jinjian, general manager of Qingdao Youfa Hair Products Co., Ltd. told reporters that in order to better manage In the domestic market, Youfa has already laid three wig stores in Qingdao to personalize the wigs for Daocheng consumers. According to reports, Ligezhuang town's wig products use more real human hair and hand-crocheting. Consumers can reduce the use of chemicals and wear healthier products. They can also reduce the number of hair dyes and perms for customers, thus reducing skin Quality damage, easy and quick change of shape and color.

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    Ninety-five percent of wig products manufactured by Li Gezhuang are exported to foreign markets, and the remaining 5% are sold in the high-end wig market in China. Although people in the wig industry highly praise the technology and technology of Li Ge Zhuang, consumers at home and abroad Little understanding led to the situation of Li Gezhuang's wig products, "wall flowers bloom outside the wall."

    At present, Ligezhuang town hair products enterprises under the active leadership of industry associations, have expanded their own brands, and through Internet tools, relying on e-commerce platform, from production to brand transfer, from low-end to high-end upgrade. The representative of Hailin Forest Products Co., Ltd. in the town, under the leadership of the industry association, caters to the general trend of consumer upgrades and branded China strategy and develops brands for the domestic market so that Chinese consumers can also enjoy the same high-end customization as foreign consumers. , healthy wig products.

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