How To Better Protect False Eyelashes So That They Can Be Reused?

- Aug 23, 2017-

1, do not touch the false eyelashes on the eye shadow, mascara.

First eye shadow, and then wear false eyelashes, so as to avoid the eye shadow powder stained on the false eyelashes, so that its dirty, and can not be cleared, affecting the next use.

Do not brush mascara on false eyelashes, can not be cleared, or false eyelashes used to be discarded.

such as true and false eyelashes can not fuse how to do, the use of eyelash clip to power up their real eyelashes, so that you can let false eyelashes fused.

2. Remove false eyelashes correctly

Many people remove false eyelashes when they are directly the false eyelashes are torn off, which is very bad.

The first will pull the eyelid, long to make the eyelids slack.

Second, if the paste is not very good, so that the true and false eyelashes stick together, this tear to their own real eyelashes also ripped off.

The third direct tear under the false eyelashes easily deformed, reduce the number of repetitions of the use, the heavy one on the waste.

The correct way to discharge false eyelashes:

Use a cotton swab to get the right amount of eye makeup remover products, and then gently rub the root position of the false eyelashes, the method must be as far as possible to put gently oh ~ unloading eye makeup when not too hard. After a period of time, the false eyelashes will automatically fall off.

3, FALSE eyelash stem of the gum, can be dipped with a swab of alcohol to remove a little. Prevent the stem of the gum too much, so that the repetition of the use of too many unfavorable adhesion.

4, properly keep good use, for the next time.

As a whole, the harder the material, the deformation is not suitable. The maximum number of repetitions is used. Conversely, the softer the more appropriate deformation, the number of repeated use less.

If the quality of nylon plastic maintenance of 20 times or more can be.

such as cotton, real hair, and other maintenance can be used about 5 times.

Of course, the number of repetitions is based on your own maintenance.

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