How To Care Hair Wigs?

- Mar 02, 2018-

How to Care Hair Wigs?


1. Often put off on the scaffold

When wearing a wig every day, you can't throw it at random. You should put the wig on it and put it on the scaffold.

2. Not often used in plastic bags

If there is a time not to wear a wig or no wear, it is necessary to put the wig away. It is best not to expose to the air, easy to be dusty or messy, so the wig should be received in the place where it used to be wired or received in plastic bags.

3. Clean the wig on a regular basis

If you wear a wig, it is recommended to wash once a week. While cleaning, you should pay special attention to the fact that wig can't be washed with hot water, it will destroy the quality of wig, and cannot be soaked in water for a long time. After drying, hang it in the ventilating place and dry it automatically.

4. Hair conditioner keeps smooth lubrication

When cleaning the wig must not use a hand to rub, see the knot not to pull, should use hair conditioner, gently straightened out, the use of hair conditioner and wig will be glamorous, like just bought.

5. A sparsely toothed comb to straighten a wig

When you take off the wig, you should gently straighten the wig with that sparse comb and clean the dust. The choice of a sparse comb is to prevent a dense comb from breaking a wig or using a wig special comb.

6. Curly hair wig can't comb

If your wig is curly hair, then you must not use comb to do curling. Oh, and do it with your hands.

7. Wig and wet towel relief

If the wig is not careful how to bend, it must not be pulled by hand, easy to short hair. If you are too lazy to wash it, you can cover the wig with a towel to dry naturally, will straighten.

8. Non oil maintenance liquid nursing wig

For a long time, wig is not as black and bright as it just started. Actually, it uses a non oil preserving liquid to spray on a wig every day before wearing a wig. The wig can not only prevent static electricity, but also restore the original appearance and lubricate.

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