How To Prolong The Life Of A Wig?

- Jan 10, 2018-

We all like to pursue the beauty of individuality. When we attend a big party and festival, the wigs become our essential ornaments. When the wig is reused, do you know how to prolong its life?

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How to comb the wig? 1 First use your finger from top to bottom. (hold your hair in the palm of your hand, then go down). 2 Shake the wig few times. Curly hair doesn't use comb at all. 3 Please use a wig comb to sort out a little bit up and down. 4 When washing a wig It is better to hang up for a few minutes, then collected after thoroughly dried.

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How to clean the wig?  1 Wig is usually washed 1 times in about 1 months, and can be adjusted properly according to the frequency of your wear. 2 When washing We should use cold waret or warm water combined with the general shampoo and conditioner. 3 When you wash the wig, try not to blow dry with high temperature such as blower, use towel to lightly dry and put it into ventilating place to avoid sunshine damaging. 4 Do not immediately style the wig while its wet after washing.



How to care for a wig? 1 Please not take wig close to the high temperature, because the wig material can not accept high temperature 2 If a wig tangled after long time use , wig should be sprayed with special non oily conditioner. It can make the wig smooth and light, and prevent static electricity. 3 Do not use wax. It will make the wig become sticky.

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How to store a wig? Take care of the wig before you put it into a bag. If it is the type of long bag, put the head first, and then pour the wig down and go in. It can ensure that the hair is not hairy when it is placed.

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Do you learn these common sense about care human hair wig?

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