How To Wear Hair Extensions?

- Jan 24, 2018-

Maybe you wear hairs everyday,because hairs just like clothes for girls,A new hair style can bring us happiness and confidence.but do you know "How to wear hair extensions?" in correct way?

Step 1:Choose the right length

Step 2:To make blending easy,choose a color closet to your natural hair color

Step 3:Brush out hair extensions before using

Step 4:Section out your hair with a tail comb

Step 5:Use a clutcher to hold the hair on top

Step 6:Leave enough hair to hide the extension

Step 7:Clip in the extension and push them in gently

Step 8:Attach the smaller pieces near your temples

Step 9:Apply hair serum to match the texture

Step 10:Run your fingers through your hair to blend in the extensions

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