Ligezhuang, Licang---wig Top Town

- Apr 09, 2018-

CCTV Qingdao Ligezhuang town features like creating "wig township"

    As one of the birthplace of China wigs, ligezhuangzhen hair products production has 30 years of history, has formed R & D, production and sales of a complete industrial chain, more than 1/8 of the world's wig products from here, and 90% are sold to the world through cross-border electricity supplier. Recently, CCTV news "first time" "feature of the town to see Chinese column reported Ligezhuang town to build the country's high-end business characteristic town experience.

    May 5th, CCTV news program "first time" feature of the town to see Chinese series of reports to "Seiko xizuo" wig "township" and "the main high-end products exported to Europe and the United States - Private custom wig trend" title, the 2 consecutive News reported Ligezhuang town Jiaozhou city on foreign trade transformation and upgrading, support the wig industry development, guide hair products enterprises on the "Internet plus" express, through the development of B2C Internet platform, explore the "private custom" production, the export bucked the trend, experience and practice to build the country's high-end business characteristic town.

    "Small volume, light weight, high value, especially suitable for cross-border e-commerce." Jiaozhou city hair products association relevant responsible person said, because each person's head, face, skin color, aesthetic differences, hair products are not suitable for mass production, also cannot with other foreign trade product sales volume, personalized private custom is industry and to represent the general trend of cross-border electricity supplier, an important promoter. Ligezhuang town 90% enterprises have expanded online business wig. Among them, 30% of the enterprises have designed the website independently, and they really rely on their own brands to occupy the foreign market and achieve the maximum profit. The use of "Internet plus" to build the global business platform for the town, making wig off Ligezhuang wings, in order to better serve the online customization, some enterprises also opened a store, so that consumers in a comfortable environment, enjoy "one-stop service".

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