The Knowledge Of The Hair Weave

- Nov 15, 2018-

    Hair Weave is a kind of hair weft, used to increase the amount of hair, and can be directly woven into the human hair. The classification of the curtain can be divided into many categories, for example, according to the material can be divided into fiber hair curtain and live hair curtain, according to the process can be divided into woven curtains and mobile phone curtains, according to the degree of curvature can be divided into straight hair And curly hair, which can be divided into different curls hair volume. As the fiber hair curtain no hair curtains for a long time, and easier to knot, so people are the most commonly used hair weave.

The most commonly used length of a human hair curtain is 18 "-24", also longer or shorter. The weight is mostly 100g / piece.

hair bundle (3)

    People hair curtains are mainly divided into hair and non-hair hair curtains. Which Shun hair is the best quality, is directly cut from the human hair, hair scales still maintain the same direction, the price is the most expensive. Non-hair is the hair with the hair root mixed, more likely to knot, but the price is relatively cheap, so it is more popular.

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