The Little Fairy Can't Keep Her Hair Off?

- Aug 23, 2017-

"Million Hair by heart. "According to statistics, adults lose about 100 of their hair every day in the metabolic process, and if they find out too much in the shower or when they get up, or if their hair is noticeably thinning, then friends can be vigilant, in fact, many habits in life can lead to hair loss."

First, to ease the stress of the spirit

Long-term mental load is too high, pressure, insomnia, stay up late and other habits are the hair of the "top killer." Long-term irregular life and psychological burden easily lead to endocrine disorders, causing excessive secretion of sebum, this process will lead to a large number of harmful chemicals to the hair, which leads to hair loss, early to bed and early to rise, the mood is cheerful, the black hair forever Oh.

Second, weight loss need to have degree

It is too important for girls to pay attention to the image and keep fit. In the process, excessive dieting is less desirable. In life, because of excessive weight loss caused by malnutrition and hair loss is very numerous.

Third, lactation mother vigilance postpartum hair loss

After baby, the hormone levels in the body will change dramatically, affecting hair growth, resulting in postpartum hair loss. However, in general, postpartum hair loss is more temporary, as long as the focus on nutrition, after a few months generally can be restored, and in pregnancy or lactation if not get a good rest, then the situation is not so optimistic.

Four, the hot hair needs to be cautious

Elegant and stylish hairstyles are always irresistible. Can be in the perm hair process, the immediate attention, the practice again high-end, also always can not reply to the effect of hair, dye hair agent in the chemical agent for more damage to hair follicles, and then produce hair loss.

Some friends may say, I just want to change hair color or hairstyle? Is there no way?

Of course not, in addition to hair perm, the use of real hair material, modeling lifelike fashion wig can be safe and harmless change shape, every day full of vitality. Try it if you need it!

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