Body Wave Hair Style of Perm

If you want to change the texture, add the wave or volume to your hair, a body wave may be a wise option. But it is the key to know what you should expect, whether it fits you and also how to care for the permed hair before you start.

What should you expect?

Body Wave is a loose wave hairstyle with larger rolls than other permed hairstyles. Rolls are usually inserted in various and natural pattern to make a soft natural looking wave. While the diameter of the rod may vary, most waves will be loose enough to wear the diversified looks.

Body wave of perm can last in a long way and update the texture of the hair well. During 1-2 weeks, the waviness and volume look full and natural. However, it looks far different from what you have had after 2-3 months since the wave may seriously relax over time. How long the body wave can last will depend on how well you care for your hair as well as the length and cut. After 3 months, it may be not obvious that you have body wave, but it may feel different to the touch prior to the perm.

The hair textures

The Reasons for Choosing A Body Wave

 You may consider a body wave for several reasons. You want to add some new elements to the lifeless style or hope to add some waves to your long hair. Maybe you are bored with daily style and feel it offers a lower maintenance solution.

Recommended Group

Consult with your hair stylist before making a body wave. Generally speaking, body waves suit:

  • Women who have natural curls that lack definition and shape and want to give natural curls a boost but keep them relaxed

  • Those people with fine hair who want more hold body in their hairstyles

  • People with straight hair who want a bit more texture and movement

Considerations of Damaged Hair

 If you have highlighted or dyed hair, a body wave perm may not be a wise choice. Depending on the condition of your hair, a follow-up body wave perm may result in extensive damage. A more acceptable alternative to a perm may be occasionally working with hot rollers or a curl iron to create loose, yet temporary curls.

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