Why Do Some Hair Weft Become Dry After The First Few Washes?

- Nov 20, 2017-

When we buy a hair weft we hope it can last for a long time. But no matter Brazilian hair weft or Cambodian hair weft, often after the first few washes it becomes dry. This often makes us annoyance.

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Now that we’ve invested in wonderful human hair weft after a careful selecting, there are certain rules to follow that should become part of our daily hair care routine. And these rules have nothing complicated here, we don’t need to panic.

Now come back to the starting question: Why do some hair weft become dry after the first few washes? The simple answer is use of chemicals, heat and lack of moisture.

We eat food to feed our bodies with nutrients which eventually makes their way through our system to feed our skin and hair. However the hair weft cannot be feed in the same way so alternative methods should be used.

Use organic and no sulfate shampoo's to regularly feed, moisturise and treat our hair weft. Remember, colored hair goes through a chemical process, especially when lightened to blondes and special colors, this is unavoidable to achieve the colors we all desire. 

Shampoo and conditioning products which use Sulfates, Isopropyl Alcohol, Formaldehyde and Propylene Glycol should be avoided. They are strong chemicals and can strip the hair of natural oils and leave them dry and even damaged if used for a prolonged period of time. Most sulfate shampoo's and conditioners contain silicones, this is what gives our hair or real human hair weft that shiny glossy look once washed.

A little moisturising oil (we prefer Almond) each week is key. If we brush our hair daily, moisturise regularly and follow the hair care instructions, our hair will not knot. When wet, it will gather and sometimes wave just as human hair should. Add natural oils such as unrefined Almond oil, Coconut Oil or Argan Oil - these are fantastic for super shiny locks.

For advice on how to care for our Virgin Remy Hair, please read our Blog and Exhibition Page.


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