Multidirectional Skin Top Jewish Wig Kosher Wigs with Baby Hair

Multidirectional Skin Top Jewish Wig Kosher Wigs with Baby Hair

1. Jewish Human Hair Wigs 2. Full hand made skin top, back with machine wefts 3. kosher sheitels with certifications 4. high quality, best selling

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Jewish Human Hair Wigs

Product Description:

Hair material

100% high quality human hair

Hair color

Black: 1# 1B 2# 4#

Dark brown:6# 8# 10# 12# 14# 30# 33#

Light color:16# 18# 22# 24# 27#

Highlight color, mixed color all available

Hair length

6"-30" different size, or as you like.

Hair density

80% to 180%(our normally density is 120%-130%)

Skin color

Beige color, Pink, fresh color, light brown, dark brown, black

Skin Top Size

Normally based on 4"x4", but can also make size as per customer’s request


Bank T/T, Western Union, Paypal


USA , Canada, Euro, ISRAEL take us as their long term stable supplier



We accepted customer send their own hair do wigs, we can treat the hair for customer and do any style according customer request.

Silk Top

Kosher Certification

Large Stock, Immediately delivery

Welcome to visit our factory


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